Winter pool maintenance is crucial, no matter how much or little snow you get. Taking good care of your new Miami pool ensures it will be ready to use again in the spring, even if the temperatures don’t freeze. You’ll also save money by preventing damage from freezing temperatures or contaminated water. Here are some basic tips to keep your custom-designed pool in Miami safe and intact during the winter:

Cover the Pool

In cooler climates, it’s wise to winterize your pool as soon as temperatures start dropping at night. A high-quality cover will protect your pool from debris, animals, and snow. Make sure to securely attach your pool cover. This might include inflating an air cushion, tightening cables, and securing clips for above-ground pools. For inground pools, this means securing all water blocks and making sure safety components are in place.

Take Care of Your Parts

The better you maintain the parts and accessories, the smoother your pool will run. Your pool components need maintenance regardless of the climate. Make sure to check the pool pump and clean the filter. It’s also important to remove any excess water, especially from the pipes. In winter, water left in pipes can freeze and cause them to crack.

Check the Chemistry

It’s important to test your Florida swimming pool’s water chemistry, as you don’t need to drain it completely for the winter. Keeping the pool chemically balanced helps prevent algae, bacteria, and waterline growth.

Set Up Freeze Alerts

If temperatures around you can drop to freezing, it might cause a pipe to crack or a leak in the pool liner. Consider using a digital thermometer with a detector that alerts you when temperatures drop. You can also set up alerts through some weather apps on your phone to prepare your pool for freezing temperatures.

Clean the Pool Thoroughly

Miami swimming pool builders suggest a deep clean of your pool before covering it for the winter. If you make sure your pool is thoroughly cleaned, scrubbed, and the chemistry is balanced, reopening it in the spring will be much easier. If you cover a pool with algae and debris, it will look much worse in the spring. Spend some time cleaning your pool before you close it for the winter.

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